I want bigger boobs?

I hate my small 34c boobs
that seems like a good size but it's small
any advice besides surgery
and they're weirdly shaped? Flat in the middle


Most Helpful Guy

  • I have to say... A C cup is great! Not too much and not too little. Men are the cause of women thinking only big boobs are good. My ex-wife was a G cup. They hurt her back, neck and that pain caused some head aches. She used to say she would love to give women who had to have more some of hers. Don't let something men caused years and years ago have such a negative effect on you. As far as making them bigger, the only way That I've heard of is surgery. I understand when you say weirdly shaped. Women come in all kinds of shapes. Men don't seem to care. As far as the flat part, I have no idea what you mean, so i can't comment on that. I hope you get over this because you have very nice sized breasts. Since you are a 34", I'd say your cup size goes with your body.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I' would willingly swap my 36GG's for your 34C's anytime you want!

    • You're so lucky
      Are you fat?

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    • Aww well good luck
      I'm sure you're pretty either way :)

    • Thank You.
      And I wish you the same.

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  • do you have bf?


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  • do whatever makes you happy. if you want surgery, get it. if you don't, Try push up bras, they work wonders for me.


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