Could I get a new tongue piercing when I already had one that had to be removed & left a scar?

Like, you can still see where the hole was on the top of my tongue & there's white scar-like tissue on the other side.
I had the first one taken out like, 9 years ago because the infection wasn't going away & my tongue swelled up so hard they didn't have any bars long enough anymore, lol.


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  • you can put whatever you want into your mouth 😋. If it healed and the infection gone I don't see why not.

    • Because it's very, very weird that I have scar tissue. These things normally heal up after a few weeks tops without leaving a trace except for maybe a small dot under your tongue.

    • I'm not sure as I've never had one but you should ask your local doctor to be safe.

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  • Contact your would be piercer and ask them they'll be able to tell you for sure lol


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  • You could but could you put it in the same place is the question. Though you probably want it in a new location.


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