Ladies, Do you like cut out tops/clothes?

In your opinion, what is the appeal of cut out clothes? Are they functional or more aesthetically pleasing?

Does it matter to you where the cutouts sit if they are appropriately placed? If not where would you like it the most?

Examples: (things you may comment on as well.)
Ladies, Do you like cut out tops/clothes?What do you think about cutouts on the back but also on the sides?

Ladies, Do you like cut out tops/clothes?I know this is not cutouts but more mesh, but it's the best I could find. Do you like part with the cutouts?

Ladies, Do you like cut out tops/clothes?Or something like this in an ordinary t-shirt.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • OK first, id like to mention what i think of the pictures you posted.😊 The picture of the lady in the black cut out bra, i kinda like that. I wouldn't consider it as like oh wow it's so pretty/cute but it is sort of close to my style. I like how it's lacy at the top and has a butterfly design on it and the thin multiple cut out straps at the bottom. For the second picture, i can't say i like those cut out pants at all. I think it's tacky and plus i don't like leggings. I don't like how the pants leg is really skinny. However i do like mesh material but only on tops. Now for the 3rd picture. First of all, i don't like plain white clothing because it doesn't suit me and i don't like how loose and long it is. Also i don't like the shape of the cut out and how big they are. I don't mind cut outs in the back of a top. I just don't like that particular style. So anyways, to answer your question about cut out tops... you already know i like them lol. I have a few of them. I like cut outs at the top on the front of the top where the upper chest is. I also like cut out sleeves and as i already mentioned, i like cut outs on the back of the top. Preferably at the top. I don't really like them on the sides of the top. I just don't feel comfortable wearing a top made like that. I feel it's too revealing and of course don't like the cut outs on the front where you can easily see your bra but of course you can always wear a tank top or crop top underneath if you want but other than that, yeah i like cut outs lol.


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What Girls Said 3

  • The first two pictures are of yoga and work put fear. Yes I like it because strapped back support bras let me bend and breath. Sam with the pants. Sure they are designed to be fashionable but we wear them because they are so comfortable.

    The last picture yeah not exactly but I do like loose tops with an expensive laced bra back and then airy open back short when I'm drinking on a roof top bar.

    My back has two sets of dimples and I don't have bra fat on my back so of course I rock it but only when it is hot outside.

    I prefer winter attire. I look skinnier in more clothes.

    • What does the expensive laced bra back look like? Are they the more intricate backings?

      I was noticing your pic and I think you look very beautiful in your profile pic. I can see all the hard work you have put into your body.

      What would stop you from wearing those first two pieces?

  • I like them for the simple fact that they are aesthetically pleasing !

    • Through your eyes what makes them aesthetically pleasing?

    • Hmm, I cannot exactly put my finger on it. The cut outs are different and unique; they're stylish and intriguing.

    • Is it because they are showing more skin or is it something that I (as a guy) can not see?

  • No, I don't like staring at belly buttons for some reason.


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