Girls, How do you know its a Skirt or a Top?

Ok, this question may sound a bit ridiculous but its a problem I've faced and am currently facing right now.

I have a couple of garments that look like Tops/Skirts.

Thing is I wanna wear them correctly...

How do you know which is which? Is there a way to spot the different from a strapless top to a min body fitted skirt

What I am saying is that I can't tell whether a particular top is a TOP OR A SKIRT.

How can I know? Does a top fit tighter or is it loser? Are there any tags or any other markings to help with distinguishing? @Kaylyne @SarahsSummer
I am not joking
@Kaylyne @SarahsSummer not trolling. I am a real girl

I was just confused about this top. Here are the links (if I did it right) :(


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