What does this mean?

I have class with this dude and every time I look up he looks at me. If I see him in the hall he stares a hole through me. but when we are in class he goes to talk to me and just turns away. I'm so confused. help me.


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  • Indeed, he likes you a lot and he tries to let you know by making eye contact. He's just too shy and has no clue what to say to you. You could ignore him. You could also try to get to know him by talking more to him, making him feel comfortable as well.

    It's up to you, what do you want - he likes you.


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  • This guy obviously likes you, but he probably wouldn't know how to please you in the first place given his nervousness and lack of confidence. You'll run into lots of these guys, so ignoring them and going about your day would be an okay thing to do


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  • I'd like 2 know cause it's been happening to me 4 two years at work.

    He stares

    He blushes

    He sneaks glances

    He mumbles


    I like him but am tired of him not making a move.

    I think he's trying 2 find an "in" with me. The other day he actually started a conversation I was really shocked!

    • If you like him, you should take the first step. Some guys are just that shy and really need some feedback from the girl. But if they also don't know what the feedback (/signals) mean and you do want more, you should make a move on him.

      2 years is a long time by the way...

    • I will hold the stare back I mean that should give him the courage.

    • I know, but it seems it still doesn't. And as it has been so long, I think it's good to either do something yourself or to forget about him. It's a waste of time for the both of you if this is going to be 2 more years.

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