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so I met this girl at a party during school (college). she's not the best looking girl but she's cute. I hung out with her a few times she slept in my room the past 3 nights we were at college. we didn't have sex just other activities. at first I wasn't sure about her but now that I came home and had some thinking time, I think I kind of like her. she has a great personality and is just a great person overall. we talk every couple days during our break now. I want to just tell her how I feel and want to know how she feels but I really don't know how. like we don't really talk about that kind of thing or get close to the subject. help would be greatly appreciated

and she lives about 4 hours away from me during the summer when we're not in college
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  • Well as long as your talk to her in general its good, because it shows that you have communication in general. You should perhaps ask her out for coffee, and straight out tell her how she makes you feel in general, and how much you like her company. Then tell her how she feels about you, and where do you see each other in the long run. Remember though keep it cool, exactly with whatever you have been doing with her. Nevertheless, take a risk and good luck man, seems like you have something good right here, good luck with everything man.

    • I guess I forgot to add but she lives 4 hours away from me lol

    • 4 hours is far but not too far. Either way man even if she was next door, you must take the approach and tell her how you feel. You expressing yourself your true feelings for her, and the time it now, instead of tomorrow so to speak, good luck man, believe in yourself.

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  • Ask her about past relationships and what she is looking in a guy, its a perfect conversation starter when you want to get on that topic. maybe bring up the fact one of your ex's texted you and you didn't know why or anything to be able to start asking her about her relationships. Girls don't normally mind talking about it either unless it was really bad but it normally isnt.


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  • Someone has to lead! Tell her how YOU feel, in detail, as you have done here, and by her response you'll know if this is right. Watch her eyes, don't just listen to her words...some people are too polite to tell you the truth!

    Go with your feelings when she answers. Don't second guess. If it feels wrong, break it off right away.

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