What's the most you would spend on a fancy dress/suit?

I am going to a ball and I found a dress for $8 but I thought it was not formal enough for a ball (it was originally $90) so now I am ordering a dress for 60$ plus tax and shipping. This is for a formal military ball and there's going to be a lot of important people there. So anyways, how much would you spend a fancy dress? the tickets were already really expensive (It include food and music).

My wedding dress by the way was $360 and I thought that was a lot
keep in mind you will only wear this one time!!!
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  • Don't spend too much its a one off. Besides don't matter how important the people are. They arnt as important as your fucking bank account. You don't want to declare yourself bankrupt for this fancy dress.

    Long story short dont spend too much on it.


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What Guys Said 2

  • $1000 on a suit

    • That's a lot, maybe you have moroney than I do

  • $50

    i dont spend money on clothes. lolol


What Girls Said 3

  • I bought a dress from Bariano for $350. Impulse buy (it's still got it's price tag on it), just one of those days where I walked passed the window shop and thought ooo that's nice.

    It's been sitting in my closest since the day I got it. I'll wear it when there's a special occasion. Hopefully when my man can wrap his arms around me and give me nuzzles lol

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    • Dang it. That's what I found out about mixing chocolate and peanut butter into cups.

    • @TuMeManques haha I know! THE PAINNNNNN! THE AGONNYYYY 😭

  • Easily over $100.

  • My dresses tend to be designer which cost over a 100/200
    I think my cheapest dress cost $50

    • Where do you buy designer dresses for $100?

    • I was talking in pounds

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