What are the "average" women's clothing sizes?

On this website you hear so much talk of girls wishing to be size 0 or worrying that they are fat (when they're blatantly not).

SO I wanted to find out, what are the "average" normal healthy womens clothing sizes in your opinion?

I myself am not from the USA but during a shopping trip to NYC last summer I discovered in Abercrombie & Fitch that I am in fact a "small" or "X small" (size 4 I think. not sure?!) on top and a definite size 6 on bottom because of my big ass! I consider myself neither skinny or fat, yet there are girls on here my size saying they're huge!

Opinions please?

To me UK sizes make much more sense and are waay more consistent. It seems like US sizes vary LOADS.


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  • It's hard to really know what size you would be considered since all stores' sizes are different. For example, at Charlotte Russe I am a size 5 and Kohls I am a size 1. It really depends on the style as well, because they all fit differently(at least with me). Your height and body shape have to be taken into consideration too. I say if your fit and toned up, and/or are satisfied with yourself in the mirror then it doesn't matter what size you are.


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  • It depends on the girl really. We all have images we'd like to see ourselves as. I personally am a size 1. I have curves and am tone. I wish I was a little thicker but most of my g/fs wish they were my size. It varies on what you consider "average."

  • Well they say the average American woman is 5'4 and a size 12-14 and I'm sorry but that is too big.

    I think an average size depends on your shape and body build. Maybe like a 7/8.

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