I don't feel like a girl, help?

I am really fed up and can't stand being on my own body, there is no place where I don't grow hair and it's becoming annoying to take care of each time. And to top that I don't even have boobs.


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  • Oh girl I gotchu. Just dress yourself up real nice every now and then, Do you're hurr all nice and purty. Plus don't be discouraged about your breasts depending on your age you may still have a bit of time for them to grow and if not then it's not the end of the world. Not all guys care if you have Nikki Minaj boobs or ass, just be yourself. As far as the hair I can guarantee that's normal not wanting to take care of it, sometimes I can't stand having to shave my beard but hey oh well that's life.

    • I do, but sometimes it become too much but well.. . thank you it's nice to hear from others.

    • Well what exactly is bothering you... maybe I can help 😊

Most Helpful Girl

  • If those bother you then you can try wearing feminine clothes like maybe skirts if you aren't already wearing those.

    As for the boobs: push up bras are life changing. You can also use these pads that you can put in your bras to make it look like you have bigger boobs


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  • Would you believe that Asperger girls actually do pretty good in the dating market place?

    I hit on a Aspie once and she rejected me. She rejected ME! She had a boyfriend! Can you imagine that shit?

    Beautiful just the way you are and all that shit.

    • asperger guys though... we are screwed

      someone please kill meh

    • Sorry for you man, thank you for sharing ^^

    • I really like to think you are replying to BoredAllTheTime;

      because that would be a barrel 'o lolz

  • How old are you can I ask?

    • 23 yo

    • Okey well just that you don't have big boobs or have more hair It dosn't mean that your not a girl. It all depends on genetics. So just learn to accept who you are and love your self if you always going to try to look to your negative things you will never feel happy who you are.. When I was a teen I was always look what is not perfect in me, my heights and that I looked younger then my true age. By time you just accept the way you are. Do you have some anexy or depression? It can be one of the reasons why you feel this way.

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  • hey. you won't feel like a girl if you don't love yourself. stop mentioning your ugly issues. start thinking about what is pretty about you. start taking rid of your hair you'll, make up your self. wake up look at the mirror and say you're beautiful

  • If you want to feel feminine try wearing heels, it gives me a confidence boost when i do it

    • Thank youuu but I am taller than most people I know, I don't think that would be good.

    • Im 5'7 so the 3" heels i wore really worried me but it turned out better than i thought and the height difference was much less of an issue than i had anticipated

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