New to makeup. Tips?

I am 13, and I've never worn makeup. I don't really want to, but I'm going to be acting, and I may need to wear it. Any brand suggestions or tips on what to do/what to use, or anything like that.
I don't know what colors or anything I should use.

Im fair skinned, dark brown wavy/curly thick hair, I dunno what color eyes (they look blue, green and grey with hints of yellow. I've asked people what color they think they are, but I get a different answer every time.). (I just included this cause I thought it may help somehow with what colors of makeup or whatever? I don't know never worn makeup).

anything is helpful really. Thank you!


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  • YouTube *as someone said*
    or ask in stores. id recommend a store but i dont think they exist anymore (and they mighta given ya freebies too 😂 )


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  • If I were your age again and learning to use make-up now, I would watch a lot of youtube tutorials.


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  • I think you'll find a lot of useful resources on YouTube.


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