What do you think of guys that wear kilts?

  • so hot
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  • gross
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  • I admire there courage but am indifferent
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  • I hope a strong wind blows it up so I can see what's underneath
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What Girls Said 4

  • ever watched outlander? haha so hot haha
    or maybe it's just the actor haha

  • Well maybe I'm bias because my boyfriend is half scottish, but I find it cool when he wears it.

    • does he get a lot of people staring

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    • I thought they were. then when are you supposed to wear them because all the stuff I've been reading it seems like guys who wear them wear them as often as girls wear dresses

    • Not too sure, but I think my boyfriend said it's only worn on special occasions such as weddings

  • On the right body, so f-ing hot!

    • and what is the right body?

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    • It was! They have a big event in Cooper Lake in Pennsylvania that goes for two weeks. There is jousting and Wars. There are classes and lots of foods you've never heard of. Everyone is in outfits befitting the time between 600 to 1600. And lots of camps bring beer and mead that is home made.

    • I would love that.

  • Like non Scottish guys or all guys in general?


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