Is he having a midlife crisis?

I was in a relationship for ten years. He asked to get married our 9th year together. Then about three months ago he says he wants to have about four kids. We talked about it but he knew I was scared. He is 37 and was about to graduate school. I agreed we would have kids but he still acted weird. He then said we weren't right for each other he said he went from his mom to me and that he needed to do something on his own. I asked him three times if he had meet someone else and he said no. We lived together for seven years. He also told me that I was mean and couldn't talk to him like I had. I was commuting and paying all the bills and he was no help. I will admit that I was bitchy and I was not getting enough sleep. It just seems that he was finally going to make money and he wanted out. It has been almost three months since he has moved out and we are still splitting up stuff and I just want to be done. Anytime he texts me he tells me way to much like rather than yes or no he says I will be out of town all this week. Why do you guys think about all of this? He is eight years older than I am.


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  • I don't think age has THAT much to do with it, but he sounds like a turd. Sorry. I know you spent a lot of time with him, but seriously? You had every right to be bitchy. How can you be comfortable marrying someone and having children with them when they're being slack. I think he did you the biggest favor in the world by splitting up with you. I'm sure you're hurt, bitter and angry. I would be too. Ten years is a long time to be with someone to have them up and say "oh never mind".

    At any rate, it sounds like he wants you to be jealous or to ask him questions so he can be a braggart? Who knows?! Sounds like something is up, but I couldn't even begin to guess what.