Can I remove my eardrop temporarily?

So i've got a new hole in my ear for an eadrop, but can i after 4 days remove it for 1 hour cause i need to sort some things out and it's pretty hard to do that with an eardrop


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  • as someone with plenty of piercings DO NOT TAKE IT OUT. it will be painful and you might not get it back in and you could risk getting a nasty infection and possibly have to let the hole close and you might not be able to get it repierced due to scar tissue. hope this helps

  • I'm not familiar with an eadrop or an eardrop piercing. Google only brought me to a tear drop piercing under the eye on the cheekbone, but you mentioned your ear.
    Is this piercing through the cartilage?
    In general it is not advisable to remove any jewelry that soon after piercing. It likely won't close that quickly, but it will restart or lengthen the healing process significantly. It also increases the risk of infection.

    Replacing jewelry with a clear retainer would be preferable if possible.
    Alternatively a bandaid might help keep it out of sight. They allow this occasionally in surgery.

    • yeah, earring google translate messed it up... but thnxxxx

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