I don't know what top to wear with these pants! Red or yellow?

I plan to wear these dark high waisted bell-bottom jeans. I want to wear a form fitting turtleneck, but can't decide between this golden yellow color, or red. I'm going to wear a long, burgundy blazer-looking wool coat, and gold hoop earrings, and my skin is medium brown, and I have dark brown eyes and natural hair.
My body is curvy (I would describe it as an hourglass, but leaning towards pear) and athletic (I dance and go to the gym 3+ times a week), so I don't know if the yellow top would look weird on me and may look better on a thinner body? But I don't know, you tell me.
No time for pics, I'm going to wear this out to a friend's house tonight


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  • If you have a form fitting black turtleneck that would look the best!


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