Advantages of online shopping…?

Advantages of online shopping….?

- We can do online shopping 24/7 and even on Christmas Day. They are always open.
- Many people, physical traveling to the shop set up is very difficult, so being able to shop from home & have your item delivered at your place is a great advantage.
- We can easily find the best affordable price for the item we want to purchase by using different comparison sites than search lots of online vendors for you and display their prices.


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  • can't try on clothes
    Models are super skinny so aren't a good model of the clothes for the general populace
    Might not send exact clothes you ordered (color not right, material different, quality)


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  • I only do online shopping, dont have time to go to a store and try out the items. You can send them back for free if it doesn't fit so win win.


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  • I love shopping online, lately I've had a couple mishaps but still lol its convenient and it's more to choose from

  • No crowds


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