I am fatally attracted to her?

I am falling in love with a girl that I use to know years ago, she has changed A LOT; specially in appearance, I was always attracted to her but the situation never came up for to make a move. I have not talked to her in years and even then I only talked to her through her brother...

long story short, I like to make a move and I don't know how to do it. I'm not necessarily shy or anything, but I really don't know how to approach. I can't get to her through her brother, because I am not that close to him anyway, which I think is not necessarily bad.

So here is what I thought, I like to write her an anonymous letter with a stem of rose and drop it off at her house, in the letter I'll tell her how I feel about her and I'll keep it short, I'll leave an e-mail address in there to see if and how she responds, I'm planning to communicate through e-mail first, hopefully to establish a bond, then I'll see where it goes.

what you guys think.

facts about her:

- Wealthy family

- Extremely beautiful

- 23-24 years old

- Recently divorced because of cheating husband

- Currently single as far as I know

Thank you all for any comments.



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  • OMG, ok, first of all smack yourself on the face for even thinking up of a lame idea like that especially being 25 -29.

    What about the obvious solution, if your friends with her brother, saying "hey man, I have something to ask you that's a little uncomfortable for me... what would you say if I were to ask your sister out? Do you mind giving me her number?"

    If you are a COOL guy (and cool guys don't do the sh*t your planning to do...) and you are looking for a serious relationship and not just one night to f*** her brains out, her brother should have no problem giving you her number, and look, if he does have a problem with it its not the end

  • OK, she's likely to reject any open advances at this point, and she's also tiredof guys hitting on her.

    If I were you, I wouldn't make such an obvious play. I'd try to slowly get to know her, just over coffee or something, and feel out what she is looking for. Recently divorced women are often hurt, and beautiful rich girls are often full of mental problems...so take this slow.

    • Absolutely, the anonymous admirer thing I always thought was kind of stalkery. Just try and get to know the girl spend time with her and try to be there for her she just got divorced so she probably needs a friend right now, more than some chump hitting on her. What you really want is her to feel safe and happy around you. So spend the extra time get to know her and see what she's really looking for. The beautiful + rich = mental problems thing is bs girls carry baggage for lots of reasons.