Girls, For girls in black yoga pants who've had players try to ignore it and not look down?

If you're one of these girls who wears black yoga pants and has had players come up to you and try to be smooth by ignoring it and not looking down so his jaw won't drop... once you can TELL he's trying to ignore it and not look down, do you, in your mind, prepare to use 1 of these on him so he gives up fast that have EASILY worked on us before?
  • I've tried one of these on them, but they haven't worked yet
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  • Yep... look carefully at him, slowly tilt the head, and look right at him with a cute, flirty face
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  • Yep. Look at him... But make it obvious I'm sticking out my hip, propping my hand on my hip
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  • Yep. Put 1 foot out a little... look at him, and raise my eyes a little
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  • Yep. Turn to the side subtlety, fake like I don't see, but corner eye check to see his jaw drop
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  • None of these work on players... their game's too tough, they never look down
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  • Again it makes no sense. Stop asking


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