What do you think about texting, messages? or do you prefer talking while looking at a girl, smiling?

Girls love to text and to send messages!That's why we are always waiting and hoping that this guy will answer(even if I just write something nice for him,without any question)!But this guy ,seems,doesn't like to answer-he reads my messages, takes them seriously and when we meet,he shows me his thoughts and attitude in the way he is looking at me, talking,smiling !


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  • To be honest, the part of your question after the parenthesis got me pretty confused, but I'll talk about the first a bit I guess. If a guy likes you then he will text you, even if he doesn't really know what to say (just like girls). I would personally rather talk on the phone though. If he seems happy and interested when he's talking to you in person, either he really enjoys small talk, or he's into you.


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