Why do black and mixed race women say that white women get tans, lip injections and butt injections to look like another race? Jealousy?

I've never been so ignorant as to say one race of woman owns a certain type of feature because I've seen all types and shades of people with different sizes and features. I've seen so many ignorant and probably jealous comments saying that white women tan to look like another race. Do these people not realize that caucasians come in many different shades from pale, olive to tan? I've never tanned my skin because I'm very secure with my beautiful skin tone but even if I did, it wouldn't be copying another race because there are naturally tanned "white" women. The people saying this are probably the same people that think spaniards, portuguese, italians and greeks are not caucasoids.


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  • because of fake media


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  • There are races that have predominant features. I don't think any woman does it to look like another race but the media wants us to hate each other so why not give us another reason 😐

    • Sure, there are races that have predominant features but they don't OWN these features. lol

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