Does everybody (mostly men) judge by looks?

The thing is, I'm 25 (people tell me I look 19), I'm getting my 2nd degree (photography and graphic designer) and I've been working as a translator in the same company since I was 19, I pay for my own schooling, love reading, hate TV, love going camping, playing football, and I adore my friends and family.

Thing is I've noticed that not many guys take me seriously because of the way I look; I have blue and black hair and several tattoos so you can imagine how I dress.

One glance and most think I'm a drunken wild child and that's getting on my nerve, I find it offensive because I went through hell and back to get back in school, to have an education, my mom did a hell of a great job teaching me about self respect so any weirdo can just come up to me and sink my self esteem.


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  • well, to be honest the way a person dresses/how they carry themselves is all someone knows at first glance. if you dress like a wild child then that's what people are GOING to see in you. once they get to know you then their opinion will certainly change accordingly, but until that time you're sending out vibes all the time... if you don't like the ones that you're sending then maybe its time for a change... if not then you have to accept the way people are going to look at you.

    • I totally understand and respect your points of view, but let's say that I want to start dating, I would rather be alone than to go out with a guy that judges people by the way they look, like dating a girl with big boobs just because of the big boobs, or date a guy that uses glasses because he only looks smart, you know what I mean? For me, it is a bit narrow minded to do that.

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    • Ok ok. I do get a lot "The first time I met you, you scared me" haha mostly because I have a heavy look (I mean my eyes) and that I am intimidating. But, in your opinion, is it right or wrong to do so buy the way anybody looks?

    • Right or wrong, its human nature... id say that its right, as long as you keep in mind that these first impressions aren't necessarily correct in the slightest.

      i love to see how close to their actual personality my first impressions are... its sorta like a game for me.

      but if I find that my first impressions were wrong, then I change the way I see them to fit their actual personality.

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  • You are perceived as you propose yourself. The aspects of your appearance that you're judged on about are totally within your control. If you're concerned with the way people look at you, change your appearance.


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