Should I dye my hait or keep it speckled gray?

I just got my haircut and when I saw gray peice on the apron coming from the back of my head i asked the hair dresser if it was from the last cut she and she said "no you have a speckled in peppery gray look coming in back there but itshe hardly noticable." I asked my girlfriend a about it and she said it makes me look mature and it's not that bad yet. I'm not even 24 yet and I'm starting to wonder if I should own it or dye it. I knew my beard had few patches of gray but now I'm concerned. I have a full head of hair and short beard and it is mostly black as well so can a "peppery gray look" work or is dying the better option?


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  • Hard to tell without a pic, but I would say own it. If you do decide to color it, do semi permanent so it can fade slowly and you don't get the harsh line of permanent color


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  • Just leave it.

    • I'm just surprised by it cause I expected to be gray by 40 like my dad considering my older brother is almost there at 35 but 23 seemed a little too yoing for that.

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