Anyone else with a crush on Tori Spelling's boobs (from the younger days)?


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  • Lol no. Poor Tori Spelling. I feel so bad how people hate on her on such a level.


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  • Do you realize that her WHOLE career all comes from the fact that her dad, Aaron Spelling was one of the most successful TV producers in American History, and her breakout role was on a show produced by him? Beverly Hills 90201?

    She's really not pretty, I'm not saying that to be mean, but she looks identical to her father and he's not a pretty girl either, she has zero acting talent, very little acting training, she was fucking born rich, she doesn't need to act.

    All she's doing is taking up a slot that could have gone to another girl who worked for the opportunity and had some talent or at least pretty enough to justify her standing around looking pretty in a bullshit role.


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