I'm out of his league?

What's the problem with dating someone who thinks you're out of their league? Why do "leagues" matter? What does that even mean?

I like a guy who's not the most attractive, whereas people tell me I should model on a regular basis (not trying to be conceited, just trying to give you an idea), and generally people kind of look down on me liking him. He really likes me, and I can't think of much other reason why I shouldn't date him--I don't think him being "unattractive" is a good reason--so what's the problem?


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  • ignore them. tell your boyfriend to just love you and if he has insecurity issues then leave him.

    leagues don't just pertain to looks, they also pertain to other things like age, money, experience, living standards (socially), intelligence, etc.

    • Not really related, but why should I leave him if he has insecurity issues?

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    • Email me...we need to discuss privately, I have questions to ask you and feedback based on what I am trying to figure out from you. right now, your beating around a bush.

    • What's your e mail?

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  • Girls like you really give me hope. If you want to date this guy, date him! Give the other people the finger!

  • They obviously believe you can get someone better than him. But hey, if you like the guy just give it a shot.


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