Answer only if you are a white guy. Do you find Asian females cute?

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  • I think you're asking if white men are attracted to any Oriental women as a whole. I'd say Oriental women are pretty attractive, I'm part white with slanted almond eyes so I like that their eye shape is similar to mine. I like the intensity of their facial expressions which are usually somber and mysterious and I love their hair I think most of the Oriental women I've encountered have had very long hair which I find beautiful.


Most Helpful Girl

  • i am not a dude. but a classmate/friend of mine is, and he's obsessed with Asian women~ over study break, he flew to japan to meet his online girlfriend for the first time; and, from what he told me, things went really well and he had a blast.

    so yes, i'm sure that there are other dudes like him out there.


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  • I am not a white guy, but yes, some Asian females are cute.


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