Is it safe to leave lemon juice in my hair?

I just got out of the shower and put lemon juice in my roots to try to lighten them a bit. Is it safe to sleep in? Can I spray it through my hair all through out the day or what

My main purpose it to take the lemon juice with me to the tanning bed and spray it in my hair right before I go in, will that work?
Does anyone speak proper English.. no offense


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  • ... it make your hair rough and rigid and during combing your hair will break...
    sometimes it make hair weak too...

    bleach or di colour your hair...
    and there many other ways too...

    • Do you think if I diluted it a lot and only spray it right before using the tanning bed and then rinse it right when I get home in the shower? Would that be okay

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    • i just don't know because half my hair is dyed and the new stuff is healthy I don't want ti fuck it up

    • my hair was dark black...
      after bleaching my hair with hydrogen peroxide...
      and. now red... ( i coloured my hair red... )...

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  • Don't do that. Some oils in citrus fruit can cause phototoxic reactions giving rise to burns.


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  • lemon juice are great in vitamin c which help promote hair growth. yes it is safe which assumed is not pass the expiry date.

  • Its acid maybe its bad for your hair

    • even if I water it down? What about just to spray at the tanning place then come home and rinse it out?

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    • lol sorry okay thanks for the advice I'm just gunna spray leave it in and hope my hair doesn't fall out and if it does oopsies

    • Good hope it doesn't fall out :)

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  • No its not. Do you even know how bad lemon is it can break your hair


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