Girls in high school or college who wear black leggings, u ever had a guy swear he wasn't about looks who tried on you, and what?

You ever had a slick guy who swore he wasn't about looks when u were in those, faced off against u, and what's the first thing u prepared to do against him that made his mouth drop in shock, crushed his act?
  • I've never had a guy swear that to me who tried it/I have, but I didn't prepare to do any of these, I believed him
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  • I have, and I tried 1 of these, but he wasn't lying, I couldn't get him
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  • I have, and got him! Tilt my head, look directly at him flirty faced, pushed out my hip with my hand propped on my hip
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  • I have, got him! Kept staring right at his face, poker face. Reminded myself to keep it totally straight
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  • I have, and got him! Turn to the side, fake looking away, corner eye check just to make sure, and he was lying!
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  • I have, and got him! Put 1 foot out a little, and keep looking right at his face completely poker faced
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  • Stop ! Stop asking this!


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