Any other guys hate the new fad of women getting small tattoos?

title says it all, i find tattoos ugly and kind of cheesey especially once people start aging.


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  • Well it also depends on where a person gets the tattoo, and if they keep it touched up. Some tattoos look horrible after aging, while some still look decent.

    • but that begs the question: whats the purpose of getting such a small insignificant tattoo?

    • It's not insignificant to THEM. Maybe to you, but it holds sentimental value to them. And besides: some people find big tattoos hideous, and simply like small things. I enjoy small things >.< I would like a small "Made In China" tattoo. I think it'd be fun :)

    • Wrong emoji, but whatever 😆

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  • I agree. Things might be different sometimes if they weren't permanent, but they are and have seen a few women "running out of space". 😬


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  • One that's like an inch is a waste to me


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