Boys and girls-what should I wear?

So long story short I got dumped and I’m going to see my ex boyfriend at my friend’s birthday party this Friday. We’re going to her Lakehouse so I get to wear a bikini. I’m ½ black ½ white but I have a white body, and a black butt. The culture I live in is White; I’m not ghetto I was raised by white parents. That’s an important aspect of this whole thing.

I just need advice as to what to wear. It’s going to be hot outside; I basically have the same color and tone of skin as Christina Milian. I have her complexion and I look a lot like her. Think of an outfit for me, I’ll be swimming and I’m sure it’ll get cold at night so I don’t know what to do.

I want to look absolutely beautiful, so that my ex will get the chills when he sees me.

I'm not a "girly" person. I'm very much so into my sports and stuff and he knows that? Any changes in advice?


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  • If you look like christina milian, I'm sure you would look good in anything, even in a baggy shirt, and sweat pants. So as AOgixxer said, wear whatever makes you comfortable. And yes, the number one thing you don't want to do is make it obvious that you're trying to look good.

    Since you'll be outdoors, I suggest you wear short shorts, or a mini skirt, with a plain white top, over your bikini. Or a cute summer dress over your bikini. Nothing too showy though. You want to tease him, a little. So save some for his imagination. Don't wear heels, just wear flip flops. As for accessories, keep it classy, but simple. Wear your hollywood style sunglasses. It will help you relax. Because you know he can't see where you're looking.

    And to keep you warm at night, bring a longsleeved top (white would be best), not too thick, just enough to keep you warm. For shorts, the tops that usually match, and look good on a cute ass, are the long ones. Its hard to explain but its the tight ones that go down to your butt area. This will really emphasize your cute butt. It looks good on a mini skirt too, but try the ones that arent too long.

    But with whatever you decide to wear, make sure your hair is nice. With volume and all. He won't be able to take his eyes off you.

    Oh and last thing. don't wear too much make up. keep it simple ok? And act, normal. Have fun for yourself :)


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  • i would say wear something that you feel comfortable in, makes you feel good about you, and something that doesn't scream "your tying to look good to get him back" kinda thing. you have anything like that? haha

    on a side note, don't go to this party to make him jealous or feel bad about the break up. go have a good time. you guys share the same friends, you gotta think about them too, do what you can do so its now awkward for them so everyone can enjoy the party

    • Haha okay but I still want to look beautiful.

    • The way you described yourself, anything you wear will make you look beautiful

    • That's not helping:( lol but okay thanks.

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  • I think you should wear a nice summery dress. Nothing too long, but nothing too short either! Wear your bikini underneath and you'll be able to slide in and out of your dress easily to access the lake. To keep warm at night I'd tell you to bring a light weight jacket. Keep it plain as to not draw attention away from a bright colored dress (maybe white or even a solid color that can be found in the dress). Wear matching flip flops and don't forget your sunglasses. Bring a matching tote bag to carry all your stuff in. You'll look adorable. Have fun!

  • Do your hair so it naturally falls beautiful maybe waves or something.

    For your clothes you want to look naturally beautiful not like you spent a lot of time on yourself so go through your closet with a guy friend and find the best outfit you own that makes you look like a knockout without even trying.

    Also waterproof make-up

    and a smokey eye always makes eyes pop

    show off your best physical feature: legs, chest, back I don't know what ever your best feature is

    oh and wear a bikini that's flattering

    i agree with you its fun to try to make an ex wish he didn't break up with you. sooo much fun :)

  • A white 2 piece bikini witha a white c thru "sarong", drive him wild...