Good Temporary/Semi-permanent Hair Dye?

My friends and I are planning on all dying our hair over the summer, for a music festival (we're just fun like that, lol)

Anyway, we're looking for a good temporary dye or a semi-permanent one, failing that. We're looking for a dye that'll last maybe two or three weeks, but a little more or less than works.

Any suggestions?


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  • I would go to Sally Beauty Supply or Hot Topic and look at the different selections I dont know much about hair dye


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  • Artic Fox is great, Manic Panic Dye Hard - all of these can last long UNLESS you use shampoos with sulfates, which can fade your hair quicker.

    Otherwise many drug stores have alternatives.

    However it should be noted that if you intend to dye them CRAZY colours it'll likely take bleaching to open the hair shaft so the dye will take, unless your hair is naturally very light. They don't adhere well to natural tones.

    • I have darker hair (medium brown) so I'm probably going to go for a dark blue or something similar

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    • That's actually really really good to know. One of the girls at work dyes her hair with Manic Panic, so I'll ask her for tips

    • Alright good idea, let me know how it goes.

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  • Paul Michell Shines are really great. It's a semi so it won't leave a line of demarcation.
    If you can't get your hands on professional grade, Wella makes a really nice semi and demi permanent line. Just be careful. The longer you leave a Wella color on, the darker it gets.

    • Hahaha just saw some comments and you aren't going for natural shades.
      I would then change my answer to Manic Panic or Pravana. Pravana is amazing but you would have to have someone with a license get it from a pro shop

  • Thanks for the mention @waffles731 if this is for a music festival, I assume you want an unnatural hair color, I would try manic panic.

  • Maybe ask a hairdresser


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