Serious question for all girls here in black leggings&poker faced, if a guy who was "like that" came up to you and said this, you would?

If you're one of these girls who stays poker faced and wears black leggings who's had guys try to be slick by ignoring how great you look like that by ignoring it to hide it... and one of those exact same kind of guys told you you're too tough like that, that he can't ignore it or get through your poker face and both have killed his ego, sooooo... he'd pay you a decent amount (a few hundred bucks or more) to pick out a public chill spot or club with a lot of guys around who *may* be still on the game, so he could make a public announcement that he used to be 1 of those guys, but has lost to you girls like this, has given up the act and is advising other guys like this to drop it too, before they end up feeling taken down a notch by you like he is now... what would you do? And all you had to do is be 1 of these girls as described, pick the spot out and stand there as he announced it?
  • I'm not a girl with this style or look or that has ever had guys try that act on me
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  • I'm 1 of these girls. I'd get mad. No way, under any circumstances
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  • I'm 1 of these girls. I'd be smug as hell, keep a poker face, but I wouldn't do it
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  • I'm 1 of these girls. I'd be poker faced, tell him he deserved it, pick the place and go, demand as much $ as possible, think it's about TIME he gave up the act!
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  • I'm 1 of these girls. I'd go, for a set amount, be poker faced as he made the announcement, be smug to myself, hoping other guys see how he is now!
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  • I'm 1 of these girls. I'd go, for as much $ as possible. be poker faced and pissed off as he announced, thinking he got what he deserved
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  • I'm 1 of these girls. I'd do it for as much as I could get. Smirk as he announced, cocky knowing it's paying off big.
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  • Enough with the legging questions. Stop spamming the site


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