Which one should I buy?

I'm getting myself new sneaks soon and i wasn't sure which one i should get soo
  • Which one should I buy?Wine adidas x_plr
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  • Which one should I buy?Olive adidas x_plr
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  • Other (suggestions please)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Get some nike roshe runs. sexy trainers and comfortable, also very affordable.

    • I already do have roshe run but thanks for the suggestion

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    • Wine red. Good luck. Go with the ones that you like, not what other people like. Remember its your stye. Not theirs.

    • Well thank you

Most Helpful Girl

  • Black and white adidas

    • Black and white isn't an option for me as my wardrobe doesn't include anything that'd match with those

    • Okay. . . Of these two, the wine

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