How to become more attractive?

I'm really hot and pretty, always get the compliments from people but I'm bit shy and reserved. My friend on the other hand is average looking, but she's more attractive because one guy I like, kind of keeps giving her attention more than to me, even he told me he likes me. I'm nice and flirty sometimes, and she's flirty too. What can I do to become more attractive?


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  • Well, let me ask you this. Are you trying to improve your attractiveness to get this one guy, or are you trying to boost your attractiveness so that you are more confident with guys in general.

    don't answer quickly,

    From your question, it seems that you should really be talking to your friend about what she feels from the guy, so that you are not burning one bridge to build another.

    I would not date a girl if it meant sacrificing one of my friend's romantic feelings for said girl.

    I would think the same it true when a girl dates a guy.


    To answer your question more directly.If you can intoxicate a guy with yourself, than you will seem more attractive to him. Have encounters where you ask him what he likes about you, or what he likes in girls, or what he likes girls to wear. than return the favor and do what he tells you, trust me he'll notice, and from then on, he will start to think about you more and more, and the whole thing will snowball. and then BOOM, intoxication of the mind.

  • become more confident. speak up more. don't be afraid to show yourself off. shine your brilliant qualities! we all have them


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