I can't firgure out how to get the scene look, can someone help?:/

First question would I look good scene? Second how should I get my hair cut? Third how do you do scene make up that super easy? I can't do a wing to save my life. Can you give me some pointers?

Feel free to even make out fits. thanks

this is what I look like link

Oh I'm gonna get extensions




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  • Aww, well you are already very pretty. Going scene is harsh.

    Don't try to do the vids you see on youtube they will help you with that persons image not yours.

    1) razor the very ends of your hair (bangs wise, to create a wispy look.)

    2) I recommend Stiletto liquid eyeliner, depending on your eye shape try to line:your waterline, a little below the water line, and bold all the way up to your eyelid crease. Light pink lip gloss on your lips.

    3) Dark brown or black extensions

    4)Clothing wise I think you could really pull off neon skinnie's and a cute vibrant tee shirt around this area--> link

    5)Add chunky bead bracelets or any of these--> link

    6)and BAM. there you go.

    • Thanks (: is there a pic of the scene hair I should take to my salon?

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    • Oh ok! I'm not gonna go bleach. Nows the big challenge ..the make up ;/

    • Ack, that is a big part of it!

      And here are some sights that I used back when I was in your sittuation:]



      And videos that helped...



      and this one is by a chick that helped me A TON.--> https://www.youtube.com/user/alyssaxabscission#p/u/12/T1BbhCwOCLM

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  • Why the would you want to look scene?

    Probably the most ridiculous question I've seen on the site, not be mean, but why?

    Scene kids look just awful in my opinion. And secondly, its going to give of the wrong impression, trust me, it does not make you popular. It makes you look like a wannabe, you won't be able to get a job either.

    I don't mean to be harsh, by scene people in general, look like slutty over contrasted wild barbie dolls.


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