What is the style that Siobhan Magnus has?

She was an American Idol contestant for this past season. I think she is pretty and I look the look she has. What is it called and where do find girls with that style? I don't like a lot of tattoos and piercings, but Siobhan doesn't have a lot of either so she still looks nice to me. I'm not sure if most girls with that style have a lot or not since I've never really seen one in person. Thanks for answering in advance.


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  • I guess if you were to try to categorize her, she'd be a hipster. I think that's the word people just give anybody who is anti-trendy but still stylish

    Kind of an overused word, because if you compare her to other people who dress like hipsters, she's a lot more stylish and has a much brighter look. Most girls, regardless of what "group" you'd put htem in, just aren't that stylish lol. It's just sort of like calling the guys from high school "preps" even though all they did was wear a Hollister shirt every day when there's much nicer clothes out there to be worn

    She's really original and she's the bomb either way though lol

    • That just shows how ignorant I am to style and fashion. I have never heard the term "hipster" before when describing how someone dresses. I agree with everything you said though. Its cool to see that she dresses how she wants and not how the fashion world tells everyone to look and still looks good.

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