Are girls with no makeup extra attractive?

I find them very appealing since there's no concealment or dishonesty in how they look...


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  • I think the no makeup look is the way to go for everyday. Makeup is fine for special occasions.

    I definitely get more looking over when I'm 'Bare"...of makeup, I mean.


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  • People on here are indeed pc and cliche.The girls guys consider the most beautiful in the world or the sexiest in the world wear plenty of make-up and guys have no complaints at all.Megan Fox,Jenna Jameson,Beyonce,Kim Kardashian,Heidi Klum & Giselle Bunchen,what do they all have in common?They wear tons of make-up and are considered the most beautiful women on earth.Obviously no one is complaining then.

    Some girls do not look good with out make-up.Are they supposed to go without make-up and spend of the rest of their lives alone because guys won't give them a look because they look bad without make-up?Sorry but some of use look a hot mess without concealer,foundation or eye make-up.

    That is your opinion,but I'm stating things other answerers are obviously not considering.

    The girls the guys chase at my school are cake faces,wear a ton of foundation that doesn't match their skin tone,thick heavy black eyeliner and eye shadow but those girls still get all of the guys and are considered the most beautiful.

    • Well, as the question asker, I prefer women without all the doctoring.

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    • I doubt you do either, 'EVangelina...'

    • I'm not representing guys,but I'm speaking from experience and the obvious.People on here are so pc and say whatever they think should be said.When was the last time you ever heard a guy say "I just can not go out with that girl because she wears make-up and is not pretty?" Never.Guys don't care.

  • people only say that when they're thinking about girls with perfect clear skin and naturally amazing facial features. some people do better with a little concealment.

    i think girls who put a light amount of makeup on are most attractive. like bronzer, smokey eye and lipgloss

    • Not true at all. They don't have to have perfect skin.

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    • Yes, I was noticing the girl at the coffee shop with no makeup and less thatn perfect skin. She looked...very good, actually

    • I think it's time to stop being cliche.Why do you think people(male AND female) with blemishes and imperfections(acne,rosacea etc.) on their skin have low self esteem?Because everyone finds them naturally beautiful without make-up?No.

  • People on here are so cliche if guys didn't like make up, the porn industry would not be what or is today,maxim would not exist,playboy would not exist,and about 2/3 of the female population would be single

    • Not every guy is so superficial

      and we like porn cause of the boobs butts and that type of stuff not cause of their makeup

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    • Yep.The body make-up spray,it's pretty cool,you spray it on,it's foundation but goes on evenly.

    • I do agree with her.

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  • i agree with you buddy most women look just as good without make up

    maybe a little lip gloss or a little mascara but a lot of that other stuff is unnecessary if you are ugly ur ugly make up isn't for making miracles you need a plastic surgeon for that

    • What a naive assumption. Most girls look good w/o makeup? Ok

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    • Yes,you would notice,trust me,it's just girls know how to conceal them well

    • Trust me guys don't pay that close attention to overall detailed and anyway what happens when we see you with no make up and by some strange reason we do notice its not like we are gonna stop seeing you cause you got one little dark circle honestly we don't care that much

      it might freak us out that we never seen it b4 because you always wear makeup but that's about it after the shock is gone its all good

  • i never mind when my girlfriend goes without makeup, but I sometimes think some girls do better with a bit of eye stuff

    • My boyfriend thinks exactly the same as you

      what do you like about eye make up?

      and what type? thanks x

    • I guess just a little eyeliner? I don't know. it makes your eyes more defined I guess. but don't overdo it cause then it just looks like you're trying to overcompensate

  • much more attractive with no makeup

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