What's your preferred hairstyle?

Feel free to comment if I missed anything and it would be cool to see some pics of people's favorite styles.
  • What's your preferred hairstyle?Braids
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  • What's your preferred hairstyle?Loose straight
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  • What's your preferred hairstyle?Loose curls
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  • What's your preferred hairstyle?Ponytail
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  • What's your preferred hairstyle?Buns
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  • What's your preferred hairstyle?Twists
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  • What's your preferred hairstyle?Afro
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  • braids and buns but I like all these hairstyles. I don't really like how I look with an afro and it's kinda difficult to get that look for me.

    • Lol, I hear you. Natural hair has a life of it's own, I usually only wear my hair loose when I'm around the house.

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    • Yeah, I try to keep things as simple as possible too. Braids and buns are my go to styles.

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  • Ponytail and loose straight are the two best hair styles on girls.

  • Ponytail.


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