Guys: what is the first thing you notice when you first meet / see a girl?

Is it the way she looks/behaves/where she is, etc?


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  • Well looks wise, I notice her weight. If she is past the overweight, and downright fat, then I don't really think twice about her, and in my mind, she's just labeled a "woman/person" instead of a "girl" and I'll react differently towards the way I treat her, as awful as that may sound.

    Secondly, I'll notice her face. If she has a pretty face, then it doesn't really matter what she looks like. It doesn't matter if she has big breasts or a nice butt. The face will replace the need for any of that.

    If she doesn't have a pretty face, I'll probably look at her breasts. And failing that, maybe check out her butt.

    I won't get into behavior right now, as this should give you an idea. Just keep in mind every guys has different orders for how they rate girls.


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  • For me it's most important that each of her feet be precisely 5 3/4 inches long. Eyebrow maintenance is also a deciding factor.

    • That's interesting. I've never heard of anyone with that particular thing they liked about girls.

      Are you saying that you would break up with a girl if one foot was bigger than another, or if they aren't precisely that length?

      How do you even tell? Do you measure her foot on the first date?

    • The fact is, there could be no first date if the feet aren't as specified. I've developed a pretty good "eye" as far as estimating a womans foot size goes. If I see a woman who appears to approximate the disired foot size, I at once introduce myself, and ask if I might measure her feet. I've had scores of women in the 5 1/2 to 6-inch range beg me to make an exception; however, I'm afraid this is one point I can't compromise on. Proper eyebrow maintenance can be developed, but foot size cannot.

  • Face,butt,behaves in that order.

  • Face, smile, eye contact, if its appealing rest of the body otherwise don't bother. Initial attraction is about appearance good for short term then personality, confidence, moxie etc comes into play...

  • 1st - the way she looks

    2nd - the way she carries herself

    3rd - the way she behaves


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