Why does he look at me whenever we pass by? T.T Help me...?

you know, I've told you about a guy I like before in this link

well, I'm embarrassed and then stop staring at him... ^^;; I know it's stupid but I can't help it! You see, I never truly stopped looking at him really... I see him trough peripheral vision or so whatever it called and I'm pretty good at it now ^^;; You see, at first I don't feel anything but I started to notice that whenever we passed by he will look at me... did he wish me to look at him again? why does he staring at me as long as I didn't stare at him? he's already got a girlfriend for heaven sake! And its confusing me... what do you think?


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  • Eye contact is a form of flirting, its one way of letting someone know you are interested in them from a distance. Doesn't mean he will act on it maybe if he really likes you he might try talking to you etc...

    • Okay, thank you ^^ I don't think he will approach me first, because he already got a girlfriend >.<

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  • then you are cute and a maybe you're a little bit shy, that attract guys, trust me

    • But I never have a boyfriend really ^^ thank you~~ X"D

  • maybe because your sexy? ;D

    • Lol, no, I'm not the sexy type ^^

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