Girls when will you realize that plucking your eyebrows and then drawing them back on is so much worse than just letting them grow out?

Natural is better. I mean I get that you don't want a unibrow but anything further just seems really unnecessary and it kinda makes you look insecure about your appearance.


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  • I don't have enough natural eyebrow to tweeze off so I stay natural. I have seen some gorgeous drawn eyebrows though.

  • Couldn't we say the same thing about guys who shave or trim their facial hair? That getting rid of natural hair makes them look insecure? I've seen this same question get asked not too long ago, and I don't know why eyebrows are this big of a deal lol

    • Um no its not the same thing because men don't wax their beards and then draw their beards back on. Also men have eyebrows too so eyebrows isn't s woman specific thing but beards are a men specific thing. Its actually a big deal because all men secretly think and know this.

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    • i think you know what I'm talking about. Whats a chola? Did you mean Koalas?

    • Do you mean those dramatic , big eyebrows that women do? And haha, no, cholas usually have pencil thin sharpie eyebrows , you'd know if you saw a picture of one.

  • I say this all the time, even told one of my moms friends that one time lol


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