Is it bad that I did this? Do I look needy or desperate?

So me and this girl were texting each other and I asked what she was doing this weekend and she said she was busy on Saturday but free on Sunday and I said the same and she said that we should hangout Sunday and I said yeah for sure and stuff. So yesterday I texted her to see if she was still up for going to the beach tomorrow and she said ya :). And this morning I texted her to see what time she wanted to go. Do I look needy or desperate?

She said she couldn't go but then she said she was going with her parents and meet me there at 1 so I went with some friends and around 1:30ish I asked if she was still going and she said she just found out that her parents wanted to go to a different bch
And I haven't texted her after that
Oh she Didn't say meet me at 1 she said she was coming 1


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  • It's good that you asked what time! Otherwise she might have been confused by when you would be meeting, whether you were picking her up or she was meeting you somewhere etc. I do wonder why you waited a day to ask what time though? It seems like the kind of text that would be better straight after the first one, but maybe that's just me. If she replied with a time then all is definitely well :) Have fun at the beach!


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  • It's normal that you aksed fot the time. ;)

    If she took it otherwise you can always say that you have some other plans in your schedule too but you wanted it to adjust to her.

    can you now answer on my question please. :)

  • Naaah... just really eager to get with her. Good for you!

  • u look desperate! just ease up on the questions! but if she likes you she won't mind! I find it kinda cute!

    • Well its not like I constantly asked her questions but I was just making sure cause I needed to plan my day out. Should I have just let her plan everything?

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