The most important things you want in a girl?

The top 10 things you want in a girl?

i.e. nice eyes, funny etc.

& The top 10 things that are not important?

i.e. weight, height etc.

Thanks :) xx


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  • The top 10 things you want in a girl:

    1) Isn't a monster to look at. - I know that sounds bad but I could be with a girl if I couldn't stand looking at her, thankfully the ones I'm talking about are a huge minority

    2) Has a Sense of Humour - Can have a laugh and not take everything seriously.

    3) Quite Smart/mature - she doesn't have to be a genius but aslong as she can understand a joke or most somethings I tell her its good. My mates Girlfriend is young so she doesn't know or understand what were talking about or a funny joke we say sometimes and its quite annoying since its just simple to us.

    The top 10 things that are not important:

    1)Height - I wouldn't date a 4ft girl but there's a huge range of acceptable heights.

    2)Weight - Aslong as she isn't extremely skinny or fat I don't mind, a few extra pounds isn't that bad aslong as its not that bad.

  • top (important):

    1)Self-respect/2) Sense of humour/3)Being outgoing/4) Taking care of herself/5) Being loyal in our relationship/ 6) Showing love to me whenever is possible/

    top (not important):

    1)Height/2)Weight (skinny, or with some extra pounds on won't make me loving her less/more)/3) Eyes colour/4) The clothes that she wears/


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