Would girls date a guy that doesn't look his age?

I'm almost 24, and I've never been in a relationship, nor have I ever been approached by women. Part of this is because I've never tried flirting with girls due to my inability to keep conversations going, but I believe the big reason is because I don't look my age; I mean, I could probably pass for a sixteen year-old or a high school freshman (I'm kinda short and have a baby-face, I suppose), so as a result, my shyness and appearance give off a 'little brother' vibe, not just around girls, but everyone. So my question is, even if I knew how to talk to the opposite sex, would you girls go out with a guy if he looked way younger than their age? I keep wondering what it'll be like when I hit 30 and still look this way. :(


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  • Are you short? Usually girls wouldn't date anyone shorter than them. So I would find a short girl, at least 4-5 inches. Try shaving. Are you blonde? Usually blonde guys look younger.

    Appearance doesn't matter to us as long as the guy is well-kept and fun to be around. If it bothers you that much (confidence will save you with girls, you have to act & look confident #1) then go for a younger girl. but I don't think it's that necessary.

    You're a shy guy, and that's sooooo adorable. But what you're dealing with isn't a "young-looking guy" problem as much as a "nice guy" problem. Look it up on the internet: nice guy. You don't want to be a jerk, you just need to have confidence. Usually us girls go for the more aggressive/forward guys because the shy ones never make a move, or are too afraid to be a little sexual because it might "threaten" us. If you have more questions, just ask me :)

  • i would it is nothing do my mad about you will look hot all the time so you are good


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