Do you worry about what your friends think when you post on social media?

I want to 'like' some photos on social media to show appreciation to the photographer / artist , but my friends use it and can see my posts. The photographer shoots women wearing latex. Most of the photographers images are not sexualised but rather show it being worn with everyday clothes and formal wear. I really like the work the artist does to try and bring a relatively taboo like material into the mainstream. I admire the artist because I think the material can look elegant and/or attractive on a woman when worn correctly. I just don't want my friends to think I'm weird considering (as I said before) the taboo like view of the material as a clothing material.


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  • I wouldn't judge my friends for what they like, and I have my family on mine and they've never said anything about my Facebook habits (I did a boudoir photoshoot and still comment on the photographers page and I like a lot of romance authors).
    If you like the content then participate how you'd like 😊


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