Girls, when you take a bath/shower, what do you wash first?

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  • First I wash my genital area and my ass. Then I shave my legs and pits. Then I wash my face and ears and neck. Then I wash my body. Then I wash my hair with my dandruff shampoo and then my normal shampoo. I have a routine. Every 5-7 days I shave my genital area, that way it doesn't get those bumps from razor burn. Every 4 days I wash my hair with dandruff shampoo. Every 3 days I wash my hair with my normal shampoo.

  • I shampoo my hair first, then put in some conditioner. Since conditioner needs to be left in for a minute or so to work it's magic, I then use some soap to wash my actual body & brush my teeth before rinsing out the conditioner and calling it a day. 👌


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