I feel ugly most of the time, is this all in my head?

Long story short I think I am pretty ugly. I think my nose is long and big, my face is chubby too. However, I`ve never met anyone who has commented on any of these things. It`s just w. e. i. r. d. Trust me, I am not the type of person who seeks attention. I don`t go around saying "I`m so ugly", but I don`t get it. Boys have had crushes on me, my best friend says I`m beautiful but I look terrible in pictures especially from the side. It is true. I`m ugly. I am a very kind person though and I love animals and such. Maybe this reflects me from my inside. Is it all in my head or has anyone experienced the same... ?


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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so behold.
    Kidding aside -

    But it's true. Beauty is subjective. A beautiful girl for me might be weird for someone else. Guys have had crushes on you - that's a start that you're not as ugly as you think.

    For the picture thing - I guess almost everybody has that picture where you think you look fine, but when you see it, bam! you're ugly as fck.

    There's a theory here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfkd9hRqI-8

    • Thanks!! This was really helpful.

    • So yeah - don't be too hard on yourself.
      Just keep yourself groomed, well fed (not over fed) and keep showering - you're set in life.

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  • Usually, people from time to time think these thoughts. Don't change yourself because people are beautiful in different ways. Don't change yourself to fit the needs and opinions of society because they'll always find something wrong with you no matter what. Personality is what people look for. Loving yourself is what you need to do... usually that takes time... but you need to try.


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  • I feel same shit. But know when you are tired or people are not stiring at you so feel oh I am ugly.. Find and give yourself self-confidence

  • It is teenage, I thought the same And I was still attracting girls... With time you need to learn to love yourself

  • Stop already. Think we all wonder this at times.


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