Simple Cosplays for a chubby girl?

so I'm going to the local convention with some friends, and I kinda like one of them, so I wanna go with a good cosplay like he is. I'm a bit on the shubbier size, so I have a bigger bust and butt than the usual and I don't wanna look like a slut when I see him. we don't get to go out together a lot, so I don't want to be too revealing


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  • I'm a cosplayer too, if you'd like pm me and send a pic, that way I can do research as to what cosplay would be great for you, do you kno what is he cosplaying as?

    • Nathan Drake. He wanted to improve on his cosplay from a year ago, so he figured he'd redo it

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    • ok, I'll go for it. you don't think he'll be weirded out at all by it? I don't wanna seem creepy or anything, I'd hate it if he thought like that

    • Not at all girl, trust me he will think you are so cool because you two will match, he will think of it as cute and remember you in a great way.

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  • Ursula
    Mr. Incredible
    Fat Bastard


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