Should I start wearing makeup to cover up my tired look I have?

I noticed that even when I get enough sleep, sometimes I carry on this sleepy or tired look. I do not wear makeup. I own makeup but I have not worn it in 10 years. Some people say I look tired well only one has so far but I know I look tired 😴 even after I wash my face. I do have bb cream with spf in it.


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  • if you don't want to look tired go for it.

    • It would only be bb cream because I do not wear mascara and eye liner

    • 🙈 no one judging here. If you want to use more than do so, it about how you feel not others.

  • If you feel better than maybe you should

  • Sure, why not?


What Girls Said 1

  • No, just get more sleep and drink way more water. Makeup only covers the issue.
    Also please don't use any makeup that is that old. Why do you even have it still?

    • I don't have old makeup. I get the newest makeup brands for free. I don't know why I get them people just like me lol

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