What kind of eye makeup would look good on me? Pic included


I know my eyes stand out but I want to know what kind would really make them pop?

Can you include instructions?

Thanks! :]


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  • link

    Lots of stuff there on that site.

    I think the best I have seen and used is a sparkling champagne color with a slightly darker crease. Something sparkly but not dark. Also a very light streak of eyeliner just enough to enhance your eyelashes (put it RIGHT at the base of the lash and smudge it) it will bring your eyes out even more because of the contrasting colors. Just don't actually put it on your eyelid like some girls do with the thick line above the eye.

    Take a look at the site there are a lot of red heads that offer TONS of advice on this. It has helped me so much when going out. Best of luck ;)



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  • i think you look great without eye makeup to be honest! lol

  • light browns and golds, and a tiny bit of mascara...try macs "Nylon" I swear by that stuff. You don't want to overpower your eyes since they are insanely bright already! you are so lucky. but yeah, try Nylon and a little mascara. no liner. you don't even need makeup.