What should I wear to a summer concert with my ex (we both have feelings) I want to look good but not look like I'm easy because I'm not lol?

My style varies depending on my mood but I don't wear like Victoria secret stuff and I'm not goth. My clothes are a little edgy and also bohemian.


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  • Do you like rompers? I think they're super cute and aren't too heavy or covering but also dont look slutty. a pastel or jean romper with sandals would be pretty and comfortable for being outside if its an outdoor concert

  • It depends if the summer concert is indoors or outdoors but if it is a outdoors and a nice day Wear Martens or a shoe similar to add an edgy vibe and loose cotton shorts (they sound gross but look them up and they are so cute and you can get them in so many patterns and colours, most of them are pretty cheap as well. When i wear my shorts i usually wear a crop top or lacy bralette, but you could really wear any top that matches your shorts. Honestly wear whatever you want! who gives a crap, if he thinks you're easy, when you're not, stick up for yourself. Be true to yourself and don't over think things, if he get the wrong idea, then it's his loss!! You go girl!!
    Have fun at the concert! Good luck xx

    • loose cotton shorts are the bomb, and you are so right!!

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