How do I keep my hair curly??

I have straight, flat, thin, shoulder length hair what do I need to out in my hair to keep it curly all day after using a curling iron? link

i can not get perms, or use chemicals like that, I am highly allergic and have sensitive skin so perms are out of question I want to use a curling iron since I will only need my hair curly a few times over summer and I don't want curly hair everyday.


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  • before you use curling iron use this


    DON'T use it in all ur hair ( it won't be like you want )

    use it step by step I mean taking one lock of hair put wellaflex on it don't use to much just a little then use curling iron

    when you finish all ur hair use hairspray there is soft spray nd strong use what you like

    before you sleep wash ur hair with shampoo nd us cream because ur hair will become so dry and damaged if you didn't take care of it


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  • Curling irons don't really work for me. You should try hot curlers! They make my hair super curly and the hairstyle lasts all day! They are super easy to put on and remove and when you're done all you need is hairspray (ANY brand really)

  • you can go to your hair-dresser and ask them for a curly perm or buy a kit and do it at home this should keep it curl for a good few months. xx

  • i'm not sure what to put in it with using a curling iron, but try a perm out, or like a body wave.